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Oracle OL6 OS for Oracle EBS & Fusion Applications

To run Oracle ERP you need a proper Operating System that is certified by Oracle.

However. it is not enough to just chose a certified OS.  The OS needs to be pre-prepped so that these tools will not only install properly but also run properly and efficiently.

Oracle Fusion Applications – Staging Setup

Master Oracle Install File Staging
Central to any Oracle Install involves a trip over to Oracle eDelivery to sort our the file set for the install at hand.

In this case the focus is not downloading the Fusion Applications Install files.

Create Supplier then Customer to Use Single Party in TCA

In order to create a one party representation of an entity in Oracle's TCA be sure to create the Supplier first!  Set the profile option ‘AR: Show parties without Accounts in DQM’ to Yes before doing the following STEP 1 –...

EBTax: Tax Architecture with/without Inventory Items

Considerations for Architecting a solution when Inventory items [are] or [are not] being leveraged. When considering a roll-out o EBTax one has to take special care to analyze the using, or not using, Inventory Items as part of...

Mapping Sets Diagrammed

Mapping Sets Diagrammed Essentially Mapping Sets are Hash Maps (Key == Value) Source column values are mapped to Segment Values in Mapping Sets Mapping Sets are then placed in Account Derivation Rules(ADR) to map the value in the source column to the corresponding...

EBTax: Tax Determining Factors

Tax Determining Factors These are set by Oracle and cannot be extendedDetermine:Tax RulesTax RegimeTax Basis FormulaDetermining Factor Classes:AccountingDocumentParty Fiscal ClassificationLegal Party Fiscal Classification Product - Inventory LinkedProduct -...

FAH Sub-Ledger Accounting (SLA) Setup Steps

Register the External SystemRESP: System AdministratorApplication RegisterCreate Custom ResponsibilityAdd new Responsibility to a UserDefine Journal Source for the External System entriesDefine the Subledger ApplicationDefine the Event Model (Most Important...

Load Categories with Java for Oracle iProcurement

The code below can be used to pull in a text file that contains the Category information and then it writes an XML file that Oracle can pull in to load (or delete categories that are not used) categories in Oracle iProcurement. import java.io.File; import...

Oracle Receivables (AR) Set the Party Number Next Number

The database sequence that handles the creation of customer numbers is defined in HZ_PARTY_NUMBER_S. select max(party_number) from ar.hz_parties; Then using the number returned above, define the sequence to start with a higher value. If for example the above returns...

GL Mass Maintenance

Creating accounts for a new CC based on a current CC is shown below: To do a move simply name the source accounts and map to target accounts. A move operation transfers balances from one or more source accounts to one or more target accounts. In the Mass Maintenance...

Document Sequencing in General Ledger

You can assign only one active document sequence scheme to each unique combination of: Application, CategorySet of BooksMethod (Auto or Manual entry) However, you can assign the same document sequence to more than one combination of Application, Category, Set of...

Setup/Enable Contracts and Deliverables in PO

The following describe the base setup for enabling Contracts.  There are two ways to leverage Contracts. Using PO - "Purchasing Contracts" - Integrate contract terms with a Contract Purchase Agreement, PO, or Sourcing document.Using full blown Contracts -...

Property Management Key Process Flow

Process Flow The following list is a typical sequence of events that you might follow to abstract a lease in Oracle Property Manager: Set up service providers, and define locations, regions and office parks, milestones, and reporting currencies.Abstract the lease....

i-Expense Key Setups

Key Setup steps to get iExpense up and running LicenseAP already upDefault Exp Template iExpense enabled and set in Payable OptionsEmployeeIn iExpense, enable the OU Context that will use itSet Accounting for ledgers and which segments are visible/up-dateableSetup any...

Does Internet Expenses in Release 12 support MOAC feature?

In Release 12, Internet Expenses does not support MOAC. Operating Unit is derived based on "MO:Operating Unit" profile option only and there is no provision for the user to select operating units.  In order to access the iExpense page and not get an "unexpected...

Services Procurement Setup

Setup Steps for Services Procurement Enable License: Purchasing       Services Procurement  Set Profile Option: PO: Enable Services Procurement (to be sure they are enabled set it to No and then back to Yes) Create a custom Style Sheet...

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